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This historical series is an autobiography of Dr Wu Lien-Teh, whose outstanding contributions in medical preventive theory and practical procedures earned him the accolade of “plague fighter” by the World Health Organization in 1926.


SYNOPSIS: In 1910, when Manchuria, the north-eastern part of China was invaded by a pneumonic plague, a valiant fighter against the disease emerged in the form of Dr.Wu Lien- teh.

Leading a group of inspired medical personnel, Dr. Wu researched countless scientific methods in an attempt to contain the plague. His efforts eventually resulted in a breakthrough in the medical world.

Leading a team of plague prevention personnel, despite immense difficulties and risk, he probed into the epidemic area, making a thorough investigation. Dr Wu also took many preventive measures in order to prevent the epidemic i.e. he heighten the railways’ quarantine, control of all the transportation, quarantine the plague area, cremation of all the corpse, built hospitals to house the patients etc. Within four months, he timely prevented the plague epidemic from spreading further and rescued countless lives and therefore, avoided/guarded against a world-wide disaster. Dr Wu (1879 -1960) is recognized in China as the founding father of modern medicine.

Episodes comprise of  3  episodes @  47 mins each

Language: Mandarin with English subtitles         Available in High Definition

Episode 1 :   Major Outbreaks (1910- 1911)

The episode focuses on the outbreak of the plague in Harbin and also on the International Plague Conference in Mukden

Episode 2 : Medical Foundations (1911 – 1937)

The second episode covers the rebuilding of hospitals, the relentless advocacy of medical education and the regaining of China’s quarantine sovereignty.

Episode 3 :  The Legacy (1937-1960)

The final episode focuses on Dr Wu’s autobiography, “Plague Fighter – The autobiography of a Modern Chinese Physician”, his daughter’s written account, “Memories of Dr Wu Lien-the, Plague Fighter” as well as the laying foundations of Dr Wu Lien-teh’s memorial Museum in Harbin.

Film Producer :   Ong Lay Hong produced the first High Definition with 5.1 Dolby surround history documentary for MediaCorp: “Plague Fighter-Dr Wu Lien teh”. This documentary won the 2010 China Dragon Award Bronze Prize.


WU LIEN-TEH PLAGUE FIGHTER – The Autobiography of a Modern Chinese Physician




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Celebrating the life of the man who brought modern medicine to China, who fought the Manchurian plague, and who set the standard for generations of doctors to follow. 伍连德博士 : 斗疫防治,推进医学 , 歌颂国士无双