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Historical Trails of  Dr. Wu Lien-Teh in Penang

Trail One:   Dr. Wu's Early Days in Penang
  1. Wu Lien-teh was born in China St on 10 March 1879. We will begin our walk along this old street once occupied by shops and restaurants mostly operated by Cantonese.
  2. His father’s name is Ng Khee Hok (伍祺学) , a Cantonese Goldsmith shop owner originated from Toisan Sing Ling (台山新宁).  He would have brought the young Wu Lien-teh to visit their ancestral temples at King St frequently:  Ng See Kah Meow -The Wu Clan Association & Toisan Nin Yong Hui Kwon – The Toisan Association. Ng Khee Hok’s name is also found engraved on the donors’ stone plaque inside the Penang Ta Kam Hong (庇能打金行) or Penang Goldsmiths Guild at Muntri St.
  3. Wu Lien-teh was educated in Penang Free School (Farquhar St) and spent his formative years in this elite English school (1886-1896). Better known as Gnoh Lean Tuck, he served as the School Captain in 1894.
  4. Dr. Wu operated a dispensary at 273, Chulia St  (July 1904) when he came back to Penang. He took over the business from a British woman and set up his private practice with Dr. Koh Leap Teng, a Queen’s scholar who is a direct descendent of Kapitan China Koh Lay Huan.
  5. Dr. Wu lived in a beautiful home with his wife and son at 38, Love Lane. The building was destroyed during the WWII.
  6. He founded Anti Opium Association (1906) at 72, Love Lane.

Trail Two: Dr. Wu’s Later Days in Penang

      7.  In 1938, Dr. Wu visited Hu Yew Seah School (辅友社) at Madras Lane and laid a foundation stone. A big mural picture of Dr Wu and Rabind Tagore is found on the wall of the school.

8.  Penang Free School at Greenlane – The Wu Lien-teh “House” (green colour), one of the sport groups named after him. The Hall of Honour has his name listed there.

9.  Taman Wu Lien Teh, a housing estate at the back of YWCA named after Dr. Wu.

10.  The bronze bust of Dr. Wu Lien-Teh at Penang Institute. 10, Brown Road. Donated by the Medical University of Harbin to the people of Penang in 2014.

11.   Dr.Wu’s last residence at 39-I, Chor Sin Kheng Rd, Air Itam.He died on 21, January1960, age 81.

12.   Dr. Wu & Mrs. Wu final resting place:  Batu Gantong Columbarium, Room C, Nos. 68 & 67

13.   Jalan Dr. Wu Lien Teh, a new road was created behind the Time Square n 2019




1.  伍连德在1879年3月10日出生于马来亚槟城的一条名为大街的旧唐人街坊里。沿着这条古老的街道,我们可以觉察到大部分商店和餐厅多由广东籍贯的华人所经营。

2.  其父亲伍祺学是一位金铺店主,源自广东省台山新宁。当年他曾牵带年幼的伍连德前往邻近的大伯公庙街去拜见伍氏家庙和台山宁阳会馆的乡亲族老。伍祺学的名字也铸刻在南华医院街槟城打金行(庇能打金行)一块石匾的捐助者名单里。

3.  1886年至1896年,伍连德曾就读于华盖街的槟城大英义学院。在这个以英语为主流的精英学校里,他以无比卓越的成绩度过一生中难忘的成长岁月,并于1894年当选为学长。

4.  伍博士经营的诊疗所就处于牛干冬街273号。1904年当他回到槟城时,从一位英国妇女手中接管过来。

5.  伍博士与夫子黄淑琼和长子伍长庚曾住在位于爱情巷38号的一栋漂亮的洋房里。

6.  爱情巷72号创立了戒烟社,极力推动社民反鸦片运动(1906年)。


7.  伍博士频访槟城故乡演说,1938年曾在槟城油较路的辅友社校内奠立石碑。

8.  位处槟城青草巷的槟城大英义学校有个以伍连德博士命名的学校体育队组,采用绿色为旗标。学校大礼堂名人榜内列有伍连德的大名。

9.  伍连德花园住宅区位置在基督教女青年会YWCA之后,以纪念伍博士为名。

10   槟城研究院内有座伍连德博士的大铜像,是由哈尔滨医科大学于2014年赠送给槟城人民的纪念礼物。

11.  伍博士最后故居位于槟城亚依淡镇邹新庆路39-I号,1960年1月21日上午11时伍医生因心疾逝世,享年81岁。

12.  伍连德夫妇最后的安息之地:巴都干东灵灰安置所C号室68号及67号

13.  2019 年,另有一条新路以伍连徳博士为名。坐落在槟城时代广场之后。

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