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Dr Wu Lien-Teh Society & Malaysian Health Coalition

Dr Wu Lien-Teh Society Joining the Malaysian Health Coalition!

On 11 March 2020, our Society has officially joined the newly established Malaysian Health Coalition (MHC), as representative from the Civil Society Organization! Our President, Dato’ (Dr) Anwar Fazal has also joined as a renowned individual to support the apolitical coalition! We are proud to be part of the 42 members of professional societies and 16 individuals in advocating Health for All for our Rakyat (the people of Malaysia)!

Led by Dr Khor Swee Kheng, MHC was established on 1 March with its ultimate aims dedicated to improving the health of Malaysians, strengthening the Malaysian health system, and supporting Health for All policies.

With the recent evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we have joined the MHC in issuing few joint statements, as co-signatories, to call for united actions in strengthening our health services and system, and empowering our Rakyat to fight against virus!

The joint statements are:

A More Coherent Government Response (20 March 2020)

Public Health for Non-Citizens (24 March 2020)

Holistic Measures Against COVID-19 (28 March 2020) [Bahasa Kebangsaan]

Strengthening Health Expertise in Government Decisions (2 April 2020)

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to Fight COVID-19 (5 April 2020)

Ensuring Adequate Numbers of Health Professionals (8 April 2020)

Additional Measures during MCO Phase 3 (11 April 2020)

There will be more joint statements in the future, which can be accessed from the home page of Malaysian Health Coalition.

Committee Members During Movement Control Order

What are we doing during Movement Control Order in Malaysia?

Today marks the 26th day of the Movement Control Order in Malaysia, to curb the epidemic. We have just learnt from the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday that it will now be extended to Phase III from 15 until 28 April.

Before the MCO implementation, our infectivity rate (R0) of COVID-19 was 3.55, meaning one person infected another 3.55 persons. Based on the current trend, by 14 April, we might reach the R0 of 0.9, which means one infected person will potentially infect 0.9 person. It is a good sign! When everyone stays at home, there are less infections and the infectivity goes down.

We know it is not easy to undergo movement restriction for a prolonged period of time and the impact for the socio-economic development is huge for the society. But we need to continue our efforts in curbing the pandemic. We ought to change our lifestyles, the way we do things and the perspectives we set in mind.

With this, our committee members share their message and what they do at home or work, playing our roles as part of the wider community. Together, we have to stay strong and have a good fight!

#StayHomeSavesLives #StayHomeChallenges #UnityAgainstCOVID19


President and Founder

Dato’ (Dr) Anwar Fazal, an eminent health activist, intellect and thinker of all time! He continues to coordinate civil society works locally and internationally around this time.
Never Forget the Poor!” during this tough time.

Vice President

Ms Ooi Geok Ling, an energetic, charismatic lady! During MCO, her plants are given better care. She has also been doing Yoga using Zoom. She has been busy raising funds to get more personal protective equipment for frontliners, wherever there is shortage. How noble!

Vice President

Ms Alison Chong Nyuen Yin, great grandniece of Dr Wu Lien-Teh, an avid learner! Her dedication in mapping the family tree of Dr Wu yields success over the years. She is now planning a documentary on the Wu family.


Dr Hor Chee Peng, a clinician, never cease to be inspired by Dr Wu since the first day he came across Dr Wu! Apart from being a frontliner, he helps to coordinate hospital preparedness against COVID-19.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Practise Social Distancing

Assistant Secretary-General

Mdm Ong Siou Woon, a superb working mum! For her, it is the “best time to bond with your child now that you are stuck 24/7 together. She gets to upgrade her cooking skills and experience new menu. A simple luncheon, yet brings happiness and good health to family.

Staying at home positively is more important than ever. Find meaningful things to do and you’ll enjoy the time you spent at home during MCO”

Honorary Treasurer

Mr Clement Liang Chow Ming, a historian passionate about Penang history! He used to be busy traveling around giving lectures internationally and leading tour groups. Now, he has time “Tending to my private Zen garden“. How nice!

“Learning from Dr Wu Lien-Teh: Self isolation to save lives!

Committee Member

Mr Khoo Soo Hay, the senior most and founding member of the Committee! He wrote a beautiful poem on Dr Wu’s life journey, entitled “The Plague Fighter – A Brief Retrospect”.

When he was asked to give a piece of advice or message to reader of this website, look at his cheeky yet pragmatic response:
I am not a minister to give announcements my dear friend. However, for everyone’s sake, avoid unnecessary social and public contact during the MCO restrictions. Best to stay home with loved family members and pets!

Committee Member

Mr Quah Seng Sun, a prolific writer, an intellect and a historian! He owns a personal blog and writes anything under the sun.

On the 30th March, “What else but watch a documentary on Dr Wu Lien-Teh during the Movement Control Order?” from Astro.

Committee Member

Mr Ronald Quay Ong Guan, strong supporter from Kuala Lumpur! He travels up frequently to attend meetings, and gives inspiring lectures to first year medical students in Malaya University on Dr Wu.

Busy over nothing at home! But we convey our ribuan terima kasih to all our doctors, nurses and every medical personnel for their fantastic sacrifice to look after our fellow Malaysians who are afflicted by this deadly virus. Take care”

Committee Member

Mr Cheah Cheng Chua, a long-standing supporter for the Society, doing his works from home.

Hope the COVID-19 will be curtailed soon and everyone is safe!

Internal Auditor

Ms Chin Poh Chin, an avid volunteer who offers herself for good deeds! She was “lining up at Tesco carpark to replenish my food stock on Day-14 of MCO“. She also joined the Malaysian Dental Association (Northern Branch) to make face shields for frontliners in Penang General Hospital. Salute!

Don’t Lose Hope, Stay Stronger!

The Dr Wu Lien-Teh 5th Annual Public Lecture

The 5th Dr Wu Lien-Teh Annual Public Lecture was held amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic on 15th March 2020, and three days before the National Movement Control Order came into effect! Out of the 82 registrations, 49 (including the organizing committee) attended the public lecture at Penang Institute. All sat sparingly in a hall with 150 seats adhering to social distancing and using hand sanitizers readily available within the venue compound. Some wore masks and persons with symptoms were discouraged to attend the lecture. The lecture was broadcast live via Facebook page of Penang Institute, and attended by 10 viewers. Light refreshments were cancelled too!

Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj, a renowned health activist, Consultant Respiratory Physician and former Member of Parliament, was our invited speaker this year, on “Health for All: Challenges and Opportunities”. He spoke passionately on the challenges and shared his perspectives through the proposed solutions and opportunities emerging from the present society and younger generations. There were 5 challenges identified: (1) inadequate health budget allocation, (2) naive belief in market-based solutions for health financing, (3) misdirection by World Bank on health financing, (4) failure to identify the real issues fueling disparity in wealth distribution, and (5) failure of progressives to present a believable alternative for common good.

For those who are interested to view the recorded lecture, please visit the Facebook page.

We thank the Penang Institute to co-organize this public lecture together with the Society.

The reporting of the Annual Public Lecture was covered by local Chinese Newspapers Sin Chew Daily and Guang Ming Daily.

Silent Battle: Modern Epidemics and Legacy of Dr Wu Lien-Teh

A public seminar organised by the Centre for Chinese Studies and World History Club, Tunku Abdul Rahman University (UTAR) on 7th March 2020, Heritage Hall, UTAR.

Dr Henry Chong Ren Jie (庄仁杰博士) from Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies gave a succinct history account on Dr Wu Lien Teh (伍连德:医生与社会) in Chinese language for the morning session, while Dr Hor Chee Peng from the Dr Wu Lien-Teh Society, Penang delivered a talk on Dr Wu’s legacy and life journey (Dr Wu Lien-Teh: Plague Fighter! When the West met the East!) in English Language for the afternoon session!

The crowd also received a brief updates on the current COVID19 epidemic, individual and community prevention! No hand shake! Hand hygiene! Cough etiquette! Don’t panic! Don’t spread fake news! And of course, some reflections on how Dr Wu’s effort in combating plague more than 110 years ago in Northern Manchurian became relevant for modern epidemics!

Cancellation of 13th NCCR and Dr Wu Lien-Teh Research Awards 2020

This is the sixth year of establishment of Dr Wu Lien-Teh Research Awards in partnership with Institute for Clinical Research, National Institutes of Health, Malaysia! We regret to inform that this year National Conference for Clinical Research is cancelled due to the evolving COVID19 epidemic, so does the Dr Wu Lien-Teh Research Awards!

Looking forwards to your participation and support for 2021!


“谁是伍连德?他是槟城首位杰出的华人医生,肩负医者的使 命,以大医精神,造福百姓;他也是马来亚华侨享誉国际医学认 可的第一人,国际认可的鼠疫斗士,东方现代医学界的翘楚;他更 是社会改革份子,展现他对马来亚社会的关怀与实践。近年来, 伍连德的贡献及其大医学的思想再度被世人提起,以激发我们 学习其无私无畏的精神和毅力。”



Celebrating Dr Wu Lien-Teh’s 140th Birthday: Tea Party at Penang Institute


10th March 2019 marked the 140th birthday anniversary for Dr Wu Lien-Teh, the eminent son of Penang! The Dr Wu Lien-Teh Society, Penang led by Dato’ (Dr) Anwar Fazal, organized a casual tea party with members and friends of the Society at Penang Institute. Dr Wu’s bronze stature has been relocated to the Wu Lien-Teh corner in Penang Institute, with a hut built from recycled materials. It was a great afternoon gathering among friends, exchanging ideas and plans for future activities in promoting this legendary figure! While his scientific contribution were overwhelming, much of his works for social justice requires attention and revitalization!

The Dr Wu Lien-Teh Research Awards at Annual Malaysian National Conference for Clinical Research 2015-2018

In collaboration with the Clinical Research Centre (CRC) Network from the Ministry of Health, the inaugural Dr Wu Lien-Teh Research Awards were established and incorporated into the annual National Conference for Clinical Research in 2015. This initiative is to honour Dr. Wu’s work and to inspire the new and future generations to conduct research matters to mankind. The awards worth a total of RM 2350.00 annually and will continue for five years. There are two components to the Awards, the Young Investigators Award and the Research Poster Award.