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Dr Wu Lien-Teh Society & Malaysian Health Coalition

Dr Wu Lien-Teh Society Joining the Malaysian Health Coalition!

On 11 March 2020, our Society has officially joined the newly established Malaysian Health Coalition (MHC), as representative from the Civil Society Organization! Our President, Dato’ (Dr) Anwar Fazal has also joined as a renowned individual to support the apolitical coalition! We are proud to be part of the 42 members of professional societies and 16 individuals in advocating Health for All for our Rakyat (the people of Malaysia)!

Led by Dr Khor Swee Kheng, MHC was established on 1 March with its ultimate aims dedicated to improving the health of Malaysians, strengthening the Malaysian health system, and supporting Health for All policies.

With the recent evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we have joined the MHC in issuing few joint statements, as co-signatories, to call for united actions in strengthening our health services and system, and empowering our Rakyat to fight against virus!

The joint statements are:

A More Coherent Government Response (20 March 2020)

Public Health for Non-Citizens (24 March 2020)

Holistic Measures Against COVID-19 (28 March 2020) [Bahasa Kebangsaan]

Strengthening Health Expertise in Government Decisions (2 April 2020)

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to Fight COVID-19 (5 April 2020)

Ensuring Adequate Numbers of Health Professionals (8 April 2020)

Additional Measures during MCO Phase 3 (11 April 2020)

There will be more joint statements in the future, which can be accessed from the home page of Malaysian Health Coalition.